Campside Social  - The First Social Network For Campers & Travelers | Product Hunt

A New Social Network For Campers! 

With Campside you’ll be able to connect with other campers at your campground. Create, plan, and attend unlimited recreational activities; fireside chats, hiking, biking, etc.  Campside popup shops allow you to sell or purchase handmade crafts or pre-owned camping supplies from other campers at your campground, Share your adventures with friends you meet along the way and so much more!  

Over the past month, we've been hard at work implementing the Campground Shop feature. The shop feature allows campgrounds to sell their products to their campers with the options of Front Desk Pick-Up or Campsite Delivery.

My name is Nick Sarro - I'm the founder of Campside Social and in this video I share how Campside Social came to be and what it's all about!

Getting verified is easy for Campers using Campside Social! Campside Social offers a point system to users as a fun way to …

Campside is a refreshing new app offering social experiences to explorers and adventurers. With Campside you’ll be able to connect with other …